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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

i like u..

when you smile,
my world feel nice for a while,
when you cry,
my dream becomes dark and turn wild,

  i want to stay together,
  i know that we loved each other,
  the feeling keep remains forever,
  only you for me forever and after,

you give me the light,
when you comes to me,
and i'll be wearing white,
when you come and run with me,

  how can i forget you,
  you are part of me,
  how can i let you go,
  your heart belongs to me..


  1. Nice quote!.. ^^, nway.. selamat datang ke dunia blogging!.. salam perkenalan.. :)

  2. cantik blog awak. aniem follow sini k. kalau sudi follow la aniem balik :) TQ

  3. done follow.. thnks follow...=)