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Thursday, 27 October 2011

let me free..

living in the castle,
look at the scenery from casement,
try to be free,
make me always waiting for you,
the king and queen say no to me,
if i talk about you,
in a day dream about you,

  don't let me be a damsel in distress,
  fill me up with all your loves,
  i'll be waiting for you with white dress,
  you are my true loves,

let me be your princess,
who love you so much,
  let me out from this cage,
  wanna live with you,
let me stay deep into your heart,
loving you forever,
  let's build the kingdom together,
  far away from here,

  tell everyone that you love me,
  against the people who want to stop our love,
  defend our love, honey,
  tell them our love is true love,

make grassland become flowery,
let the butterflies flies freely,
let the bird singing,
let's breath in the surrounding so deep,
happy ever after just for you and me..

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